We are two brothers, Phil and Simion, based in warm and sunny Dublin, Ireland, who have been passionate about Cardano since we started stacking laces in 2017. We have been eager to get involved in some way, so when opportunity arose, we brought you Queen Ada Stake Pool, one of the most loved, consistent, and one of the top 40 performing pools (out of over 1000 pools) in the Incentivized Testnet.

KING Cardano Stake Pool is QUEEN's little brother. It is run by the same team, similarly powerful root cloud server hardware, multiple spread out relay nodes, as well as the same level of reliability and security, 24/7/365 monitoring and uptime, and an always guaranteed pledge amount 77000₳.

We are incredibly grateful to delegators of both King and Queen, and are looking for new ways to contribute and give back to the community. Your support of KING would help us maintain both pools while offering a combination of performance, reliability and low fee.

Running King and Queen in the ITN, we have shown that even in the most unstable of times our team can adapt and manage to outperform most other pools. We hope to continue doing that for you in the Shelley main net.
If you like what we do with Queen Ada, please give some love and support to King Cardano.

Our performance in the ITN

Our Contributions

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How To Delegate in Daedalus

You can find us by the ticker KINGX and pledge 77K

How To Delegate in Yoroi

You can find us by the Pool ID: 05356b3a781e404891032968cae3eec753fc059c27a893299abbc6b1
Before delegating, make sure it matches ticker KINGX and pledge 77K